Alexander's Keys for Change


  1. New Roads for New Housing

  2. Improving and adding sidewalks

  3. Work on stripping for better visibility




  1. Housing Bill 2001- This Bill"aims to provide Oregonians with more housing choices, especially housing choices more people can afford."

  2. The Bill also "makes sure that new housing is built with adequate infrastructure such as water, sewer, and roads."

  3. Build a local recreation center with indoor sports.

  4. Continue supporting parks within the local community.



  1. Study demographics of homeless and house-less people.

  2. Provide workshops to help homeless people get back on their feet.

  3. Support and work with local non-profit organizations to help with our homeless opportunity


Ask the hard questions when it comes to raising fees and taxes.

  1. Work with our council members to ensure accountability of where your money is going.

  2. Keep the fiscal responsibility and accountability in the forefront of the council.

  3. I will be the voice for our city and have our community hold us accountable.

Small Business

  1. Creation of opportunity in Hillsboro

  2. Create a flourishing environment for businesses

  3. Support incentives to help bring new business opportunities along with supporting our current businesses.